Hand rearing Phase 1
Hatching to 10 days – Optimum nutrition for newly hatched birds being hand reared. Scientifically formulated to provide good fat sources for the growing hatchling that has limited fat reserves at this age. High quality raw ingredients allow easy digestion for immature GI tract. Immune boosters support the undeveloped immune system. Ideal for all species of birds.
Hand rearing Phase
2 to 6 weeks’ old – Highly digestible protein and fat levels support this rapid growth phase. Probiotics and prebiotics are added to help develop a healthy GIT. Immune boosters support immunity during the high risk period of movement out of the nursery.

Hand rearing Finisher
6 weeks to weaning – Compensating for a drop in growth rate, protein and fat levels still provide for final stages of development into adults. Essential added amino acids provide the building blocks for lustrous plumage development, while vitamin immune boosters help the immune system cope with increasing environmental challenges.

Hand Rearing Macaw
2 weeks to weaning – Scientifically formulated to the unique requirements of these species. Protein, fat levels, and consistency of porridge are perfectly suited to these birds, while maintaining the optimum levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals required by growing baby birds.


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